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Antarctica- the Magical 7th Continent!!!!

7th Continent

WOW- that sums it up when making your way to Antarctica, the massive Ice Continent. You must really want to see this wonderful place as it is very difficult to get there. From Miami, we made our way to Santiago Chile, and then another 3 hour flight to Ushuaia before heading across the sometimes treacherous Drake’s Passage. Can be the “Drake Lake or the Drake Shake” depending on the weather. Please plan 15-18 months in advance if you would like to visit as space is very limited. Enjoy!



Here is our launching point on the Ponant Cruise line- Le Boreal-  in the Port town of Ushuaia.


Our Ship:}


Icy Views while approaching the Antarctic Shelf


Iceberg- straight ahead!!


Little Penguin making his way up the Penguin Highway!


Penguins everywhere.


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