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Exploring the magic of CHINA

What a whirlwind tour we had thru China! After a long flight to Bejing- we began our tour by exploring the 2nd largest city in China which is over 22+ Million inhabitants and over 7 million cars on the streets. We took a tour of the Forbidden City which served as the home of the Emperor for almost 500 years.  Tianammen Square is the largest pubic square in the world and quite busy at all times!!! Of course, one must visit the Great Wall of China- started well over 2000 years ago and one of the 7 wonders of the world.

After Beijing, we traveled to Qingdao, where they have the famous Tsingtao Brewery which as quite a treat. From Qingdao, we took a bullet train to Suzhou which dates to 514 BC and is quite famous for its silk production and the lingering garden.

After Suzhou, we made our way by coach to Hangzhou where they have a large area for the green tea fields and terraces. Finally, we ended our tour in Shanghai with a population of over 25+ million. Of course, we had to walk along the Huang Pu river and see the old and the new parts of the city and the Bund area.

We ended our tour with a flight to Xian to see the famous Terra Cotta army and learn of the Emperor’s tomb which is 1 mile away and completely surrounded by a river of Mercury.

Enjoy the photos and add China to your “Must see list”!


Greetings from Galapagos!

Wow. Nothing like visiting the Galapagos National Park to see the giant Tortoise roaming the habitat. We took a Tauck Tour which started in Quito, and then sailed the Islands before returning to Guayaquil. Wonderful adventure and highly recommend to put on your bucket list!!!!



Feeding Time!!!



The incredible Marine Iguana! They are the only Iguana to swim in the Ocean, and in salt water as they eat the algae along the rocks. They have a specialized De-Sal gland that allows them to snort out the salt after being submerged under water.  Amazing!!



Barren landscape of this Galapagos Island resembles something from another planet.


Playful seals in Galapagos. You can actually get within feet of all the animals, as they have no fear or natural predators.



Must visit the equator while in Equador. O degrees Latitude.

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Antarctica- the Magical 7th Continent!!!!

7th Continent

WOW- that sums it up when making your way to Antarctica, the massive Ice Continent. You must really want to see this wonderful place as it is very difficult to get there. From Miami, we made our way to Santiago Chile, and then another 3 hour flight to Ushuaia before heading across the sometimes treacherous Drake’s Passage. Can be the “Drake Lake or the Drake Shake” depending on the weather. Please plan 15-18 months in advance if you would like to visit as space is very limited. Enjoy!



Here is our launching point on the Ponant Cruise line- Le Boreal-  in the Port town of Ushuaia.


Our Ship:}


Icy Views while approaching the Antarctic Shelf


Iceberg- straight ahead!!


Little Penguin making his way up the Penguin Highway!


Penguins everywhere.


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Kruger, Cape of Good Hope & Victoria Falls

Safari Jeep- SA_153859

Southern Tip of Africa!!!

Beautiful and rugged- Couldn’t believe the wild Ostrich that were roaming the beach!!!



Cape Buffalo- one of the BIG 5



Up Close with Elephants- another of the BIG 5



Pride of Lions- also part of the BIG 5



Temperamental White ( Wide Lip) Rhino. Also one of the BIG 5


Finally- the Elusive Leopard- last of the BIG 5


Gorgeous Animals!!!



Nothing like seeing a wild hyena sneaking up behind you!



Roughing it in the wild of Kruger National Park- Lion Sands resort.



Our first open air jeep Safari.


Massive cataracts of Victoria Falls

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South African Safari

Up Close elephant

Enjoy the splendor of a South African Safari in Kruger National park. We had an unbelievable trip to South Africa with Tauck Tours which included several days in Capetown, Robben Island, Table Mountain, the V & A Waterfront Harbor as well as many Safari’s and a trip up the Zambezi River to see Victoria Falls. Enjoy the photos and feel free to call or email as I have sent many clients to Africa and the nature and beauty of the animals in the wild is unmatched.


Nothing like seeing a wild male Lion, Roaring, and then walking within 1 foot of your in an open air jeep! Super Adrenaline rush!!!