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Greetings from Galapagos!

Wow. Nothing like visiting the Galapagos National Park to see the giant Tortoise roaming the habitat. We took a Tauck Tour which started in Quito, and then sailed the Islands before returning to Guayaquil. Wonderful adventure and highly recommend to put on your bucket list!!!!



Feeding Time!!!



The incredible Marine Iguana! They are the only Iguana to swim in the Ocean, and in salt water as they eat the algae along the rocks. They have a specialized De-Sal gland that allows them to snort out the salt after being submerged under water.  Amazing!!



Barren landscape of this Galapagos Island resembles something from another planet.


Playful seals in Galapagos. You can actually get within feet of all the animals, as they have no fear or natural predators.



Must visit the equator while in Equador. O degrees Latitude.

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